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Kkakdugi ( Radish Kimchi )

I wasn’t sure if i was going to like this before making it , since i am not a big more…

Korean Potato Side Dish ( Gamjajorim )

  This side dish is so delicious yet so easy to make. At the end , I added a little more…

Home Grown Kongnamul

  After 5 days , the soybean sprouts are finally ready to be harvested !! They’re like Maangchi said .. more…

Growing Kongnamul Day 5

    Growing kongnamul day 5 , they’re getting very long and i think it’s ready to be harvested ! more…

Korean Ginger Cookies ( Maejakgwa )

  Crunchy , delicious snack ! The recipe is here.

Hand Torn Noodles Soup (Sujebi)

  Super easy and Delicious ! The recipe is here.

Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice with Bacon , Shiitake Mushroom and scrambled eggs . I would imagine this fried rice will be more…


  I made the rice cake using Maangchi’s recipe couple of days ago , and i thought why not using more…

Garaeddeok ( Rice Cake )

    First time making home made rice cake (garaeddeok) The recipe is here.

Fish Cake Soup ( Eomukguk )

    I love the soup ! I just made it for my lunch .. though my fish cakes wasn’t more…

Tofu Pickles

  It was so good ! Loved it , a perfect side dish ..i could eat this everyday ! The more…

Doenjang Jjigae

The recipe is here.

Gyeongdan (Rice cake balls)

The recipe is here.

Kkaennip Kimchi ( Perilla Leaves Kimchi )

The recipe is here.


The recipe is here.