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Spicy stir-fried chicken with vegetables

Healthy dish.We love it.Thanks, Maangchi… The recipe for Dakgalbi (Spicy stir-fried chicken with vegetables) is here.

Spicy beef and vegetable soup (yukgaejang)

The recipe is here.


The recipe is here.

Udon with Maangchi’s eomukguk (fishcake soup) broth

This broth tastes so delicious. I am not a fan of fish cake, so I used udon noodles.Thanks Maangchi for more…

Steamed pear / 배숙 / Baesuk (or baesook)

  Cook this for my hubby.He love it.Thx Maangchi…ur recipe always the best for me…. The recipe is here.

Dwaejibulgogi (Spicy pork BBQ)

  Maangchi….this bbq pork is so yummmyyyy.Just eat it with warm rice.Heavenly xixixixi The recipe is here.

Braised saury / 꽁치조림 / Kkongchijorim

It’s so yummyyyy…. The recipe is here.

Braised saury / 꽁치조림 / Kkongchijorim

The recipe is here.

Panfried chicken breast salad with Maangchi’s dorajimuchim paste

The recipe is here.

Spicy fish soup with mugwort: maeuntang

Hi Maangchi,long time i want try this recipe.But edible chrysanthemum is not avaiable in Singapore. I replaced  it with mugwort more…

Mugwort soup (ssukguk)

U know Maangchi,u should see my sparkling eyes when i found this mugwort.Brought it at wet market near my apt.Very more…

Mung bean jelly (cheongpomuk muchim)

The recipe is here.

Kimchi fried rice

The recipe is here.

Gotgamssam (Walnuts wrapped in persimmon)

The recipe is here.


Use local pumpkin.Love this creamy dessert… The recipe is here.