Agasuka’s bibimbap

By Maangchi

My regular blog commenter Agasuka made Dol sot bibimbop. Check it out by visiting her website. She wrote me:

I made Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab! I like the rice cracker at the bottom of the pot.
I also made the egg soup!

However, I spent too much time taking pictures and I had to reheat the dol sot bibimbab again. In other words… keep waiting and waiting …
when can I eat? :..(The amount of ingredients are enough for two pots of dol sot bibimbab. I ate them for two days.
I feel very ‘garlic’gy in my mouth even I brushed my teeth, well I will make some green tea and see if it improves.

My response:

When can you eat it? Anytime! I never wait until it cools down. : ) Garlic’gy smell? lol! Find someone who needs your hard time and give him your bad galic breath before the smell is gone. : )



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