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My April 22, 2010 Korean cooking class in New York

By Maangchi

My cooking class on April 22, 2010 was another huge success! Teaching 9 dishes in 1 ½ hours was not easy to plan, but I made it and finished successfully on time!

Some students came from a 2 hour driving distance from NYC.  Most students are my blog readers, but I met some new people, too.

It was great experience for me to meet cool people. All of my 15 students were passionate about Korean cooking and their eyes were sparkling when I demonstrated or explained. You will see how seriously they look in learning my Korean recipes in the photos that I post in this blog.

All the staff at the Brooklyn Kitchen was very helpful and my assistant Ms. Ori was such a great person. She is a chef working at a restaurant in Chelsea area. She also has a blog. She helped me grocery shopping, carrying, cleaning, arranging, … I wouldn’t have been able to make it without her help. “Thank you, Ori!”

By the way, in Korean, ori :오리 means duck. : )

I heard many people were on the waiting list. Sorry about not being able to accept all of you! I wish we could find a place where we could cook all day together no matter how many people came! I hope I can meet you in my next cooking class.

Here are some photos to show you what we did in the class.

Ori, me, and Julie



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