Buying perilla leaves

By Maangchi

I went to Flushing yesterday to do some grocery shopping. On the way home I remembered that last year at this time I bought some perilla leaves from a woman on the street, I thought I would stop by and see if she was there this year.

streetvendorI’m not sure this is the same lady as last year, but she was in the same spot! So this year I took her photo.

I was happy to see her even though I’m not sure she’s the same woman. Last year I was only concentrating on the vegetables, not the woman selling them.

perilla leaves ajumaThe perilla leaves were so fresh!

perilla leavesShe gave me a huge amount of fresh leaves for only $10. And then I saw yeolmu there, and asked her for $5 worth. She said:

“I picked it this morning! It’s so soft and tender!”

As I was leaving she said “Hey, I have pumpkin leaves! They are so delicious steamed!”

“Ok,” I said, “how much is it?” She also had zucchini. So I bought those too, she gave me a deal on everything.

She reminded me of my grandma. I was very happy to see her, and now I took her picture I will be her regular annual customer.

I’m going to use these leaves in my next video, perilla leaves kimchi, stay tuned!



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