Chinatown shopping list

By Maangchi

I went to Chinatown this afternoon. It was a very exciting and pleasant visit as usual. I bought these items.

Chestnuts, ginkgo nuts, air vacuumed sticky corn, green onions, Asian chives (buchu) shrimp, thin noodles, Chinese black bean sauce, a can of bamboo shoots, and fresh pork belly! And a dozen live blue crabs!

I cooked the chestnuts and tasted them after my dinner and they were very sweet and delicious! The live crabs are in my freezer! Sorry crabs! Tomorrow, I am going to make “gae jang” (salty crab side dish).

Oh, I love China town and Chinese sellers, too. One seller was very funny even though his English was poor.

Me: how much is this?
crab seller:…. tting tting shawa … (It sounded like that)
Me: Why this crab is more expensive than that crab? (Price tag was on the basket of crabs)
crab seller: … pause .. “boy!”
Me: haha, boy crab is more expensive than girl crab?

The crab seller and I were laughing loudly because we exactly understood the jokes!



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