CJ contest winners

By Maangchi

I’m very pleased to announce 20 CJ contest winners! Here are the winner’s user names and where they live. They have all been contacted already.

  1. milady the winter: Barendrecht, The Netherlands
  2. bersih: Georgetown, KY, USA
  3. tnjy: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
  4. jen jen: Lakewood, CA, USA
  5. Dumpling: Tucson, AZ, USA
  6. MCWelby: Scranton PA, USA
  7. Sunsetwheat: Arcadia, CA , USA
  8. Lainey: Quincy, MA, USA
  9. Shin51: Glenmont, NY, USA
  10. Ragana: Converse, TX, USA
  11. heyhae: Austin, TX, USA
  12. john.ys.yoo: Kingston, ON, Canada
  13. kriscod: Atlanta, GA, USA
  14. thao_rene: Sacramento, CA, USA
  15. JonsieJ: Phoenix, AZ, USA
  16. LLiu : Waldorf, MD, USA
  17. steelead: Harleysville, PA, USA
  18. jeansuki: St. Paul, MN, USA
  19. vero0920: Vancouver, BC, Canada
  20. tsoisauce: New York, NY, USA

Congratulations winners! You are really lucky people because you were chosen from 2467 entries! It took some time to announce these winners because some of the people originally picked by never answered the emails I sent them. I gave them 5 days and more than one reminder but they never responded. So I had to pick more winners, and again, some people never responded. But finally, 20 winners were chosen.

CJ will start mailing prize packages soon.

Happy cooking!



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