Costa Rica trip: Introduction

By Maangchi

My 10 days trip to Costa Rica was awesome! Whenever I travel to any place, I always think that I could live there forever. Costa Rica was not exceptional that way.

People in Costa Rica are very genuine and friendly. Their food is good and most of all, so many people can speak English there. I had no communication problem during my trip.

It was a short trip, so I had to skip many other good places to visit, but I did my best to see and feel the country as much as I could.

I met interesting people, ate good food, saw so many exotic animals, birds, flowers, plants, volcanoes, and fruits!

And! And! Ooh whoo! I did an exciting event! : )
I cooked Korean chicken soup for my amigos there! They loved my chicken soup and enjoyed it a lot. I filmed it with my small digital camera, so it will be posted on my website and YouTube soon. I hope the quality of film is good. Let’s see.

I scheduled my itinerary as simple as I could because I wanted to relax instead of running everywhere. I wanted to reduce travel time, but it ended up being busy everyday. Yes, I can’t sit at the beach comfortably or sleep late in the hotel rooms. That’s my nature.

I woke up early morning and told my daughter, “sleep more..”, but she could not sleep enough because her mom was making noise to prepare to go out in the early morning. : )
Luckily she is very adventurous and curious about so many things about the country, which makes me feel really good!

I have received many emails and messages from my readers. They want to hear my travel story. So I’m going to post some photos of what I saw, what I ate, and whom I met.

Stay tuned!



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