Dinner with Philip Gowman

By Maangchi

Last week I met Mr. Gowman in a restaurant in Koreatown. I didn’t know I was being interviewed by him until he said “Oh, I forgot my tape recorder.” Which freaked me out! I usually don’t like to be interviewed, I like to make friends.

But I found out he’s a very nice man, and very intelligent. He runs the website London Korean Links. What surprised me about him is that he has no connection to Korea besides just being interested in it. He visited there a few times on business and became fascinated. When I met him he was reading a book about May 18th!

Philip Gowman in Koreatown, New York

Philip Gowman in Koreatown, New York

His website is very interesting to me. He has a lot of great articles for people who are interested in Korean culture, with a local focus on London, England. It’s all in English. It’s hard to find this kind of information anywhere.

If you are interested in his article about me, you can read it here. I’ve been very lucky with my website, I got to meet so many great people because of it, and he’s definitely one of them. And if I ever go to London, then I will interview him :)



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