Feel the fall

By Maangchi

I love to feel the changing of the seasons. Living in New York City there are a few ways I can do it. I love to go to Union Square Farmer’s Market, where local farmers bring in whatever is in season. It’s always changing throughout the year and I always get some great ideas there. I also like to take a walk in one of the parks here; any time of year it’s always going to be fun.

So I spent some time to feel New York’s autumn last weekend. The Union Square market was crowded on Saturday afternoon. It was full of beautiful Chrysanthemum flowers, many kinds of pumpkins and squashes, apples, honey, free range eggs, and wild flowers and plants.

Maangchi in Union Square Market

Here’s what I bought at the market: 2 kinds of chesse, a baguette, heirloom tomatoes, apples (super tasty), squash blossoms, apple cider, colorful carrots, spinach, celery, sorghum, and even a small bale of hay, and eucalyptus gunnii. No special reason to buy the hay, I just want to feel the autumn, even at home.

Let me tell you how to not only feel, but taste the fall: place some cheese on a piece of baguette, drizzle some olive oil over top, and cover with a slice of golden heirloom tomato!

Always tons of interesting things to see in the Farmer’s Market.

The farmer calls these “hairy green balls” lol but I think he made up that name.

The grapes attract so many bees!

On Sunday I went to the High Line Park to see wild flowers.

The person who is living in the house must be a joker! I was surprised to see a half naked man waving at me, but actually it’s a sticker on the window. : )

Enjoy the fall, everybody!



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