Flickr panic

By Maangchi

I received an email from my long time reader Cynthia on New Year’s Eve. She said, “… Maangchi, did you delete my photos on your website?.. My photos are gone..”

I didn’t remember what photos she emailed, so I searched her emails in my Google email account that I saved. I usually save all important emails.
I found only 1 photo sent me in 2008.

So what happened to all the other photos my readers sent me?
I checked the photo page on my website and found out that hundreds of photos were missing!
I panicked!

Eventually I found that Flickr didn’t show all the photos because I didn’t buy Flickr pro account. I never paid attention when they said, “Pay for flickr pro.”
I always thought flickr wanted to rip us off , I never wanted to pay extra money! :)

I found that the photos before September 2008, didn’t show on my website.

I paid for a pro account right away and fixed the problem. Hundreds of familiar photos from my old time readers appeared! It took hours and hours to update each photo, to make sure they were in the right groups with the right tags.

I went to bed last night about 5 am because I wanted to finish updating as soon as possible. : ) Done! So now I have time to blog about this issue.

I might have hurt some of my readers’ feelings!

“..hmm, Maangchi deleted my photos?”

No way! I would never delete your photos. They are precious to me!

Please let me know if you have any questions about your photos.

Cynthia’s email helped me a lot this time! Thank you, Cynthia!



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