Leaving for Boston

By Maangchi

Hi, everybody,

I’m leaving for Boston soon this morning.
One of my long time blog readers, my website supporter, and Harvard film student Paul Whang invited me to act in his film. I met Paul about 1 1/2 years ago at my LA meetup. He volunteered to be my cameraman at that time.

Recently I got an email from him. He asked  if I’d ever considered acting! He said Harvard film students in their 4th year traditionally make a short movie for their final. The title of his movie is “Dakbokkeumtang” (Korean spicy chicken dish).  : )

“There is a character in the movie who is a Korean old woman starting to lose her memory!”  He said: “..I think you would be perfect for the role!” Haha!

I answered, “Sure, cool!”

So this morning I’m going to Boston and will come back tomorrow night.

Who said friends that you meet on the internet can’t be your real friends! I like to support Paul as he did to me! Besides, acting as a very old and unfashionable woman sounds like too much fun! : )

I like to let you know this exciting news! I’ll tell you about the filming and the movie when I get back!



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