Gapshida itinerary announced!

By Maangchi

Hi everybody!

Thank you very much for all your great responses to my Maangchi Gapshida project! I’m going to meet up with my friends that I met through my YouTube videos and my website, and we’re going to cook and film together! Some of them are great cooks of their local cuisine, so they want to share their mother’s and grandmother’s secret recipes with all of us through the videos. I’ve always been interested in learning how to make delicious home cooked food, so this will be a dream come true for me.

All of the applicants love making Korean food but also love their own local food. All of us love to cook hearty food for our friends and family.When I read all the submitted applications, I realized that each one meant something special to me. I felt emotional when I read some of your stories, about how you found me and why you like Korean food, and why you’d like to have me over to cook together.

There were so many awesome ideas and messages from different countries that I decided not to close the applications, and to make Maangchi Gapshida an ongoing thing.

So this time I’m going to England, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

As I mentioned briefly in the video, I’m saving the North American applications for a later project.

Check out the meetup information if you live in one of the countries where I am going. We’re going to meet up everywhere I visit.

I’m so busy getting ready for this, and also very excited about the journey.

We’re going to make some awesome videos, so keep watching!



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