The food in Honduras

By Maangchi

These are some photos of food from my trip to Honduras that I’d like to share my readers. I stayed at a hotel with a kitchen and a small refrigerator, so I could cook. I took some Korean spices and ingredients when I left for this trip because I would expect I would like to cook. Luckily everything worked out well and I could choose what to eat.

Culantro: I saw this in a local market in La Ceiba. It smells like cilantro. The local said they use this in soup. I wish I brought some of this home.

Street food of roasted corn with a little salt and squeezed lemon.

Fruit smoothie made with pineapple, banana, and strawberry was my favorite.

Spanish doughnut churro. Delicious but too rich for me. When I eat sweets too much, I find it difficult to swallow.

Jumbo size burrito. couldn’t finish it.

Many people say Coca -Cola made in Central America and Mexico is more delicious because they use real sugar. Is it true? I was curious about the taste. Not much difference for me.

Lobster dish, yummy!

Fried red snapper bearing fried plantain.  I finished the whole fish. : )

“Oh, you did a good job! BTW how about the head? You mean you ate the head too?”

“Yes, I did!”

When it comes to fish, I know what to eat. : )

Baleadas (stuffed flour totilla which is folded in half)

Beef, black beans, salsa, and tacos.

Tortilla, chicken, steamed vegetables, and rice.

Picante made with onion, chili pepper, carrot, vinegar.

Conch fritters.

Conch ceviche, yum!

Open your mouth and I will put it in! : )

Fried snapper, plantain, cabbage salad, and rice with beans.

Cheap food in a market but it was tasty: fried chicken, plantain, and sauce on top.

Pupusa filled with chesse! Does it remind you of one of my recipes?

Holly molly! I went to a Chinese restaurant one day in San Pedro Sula. I wanted to eat some vegetables and seafood. The waitress couldn’t understand my body language and I couldn’t understand their menu either. She kept saying, “si? si?” Voila! this huge plate of dish came. I was almost having a heart attack! This plate is for maybe 4-8 people. Under the vegetable mountain you will see fried noodles. They basically fry ramen noodles! eww!  The restaurant didn’t provide chopsticks only fork. Strange!

My hotel had a kitchen, so I could cook. One day I bought fresh shrimp at a local market in on the island and made my lunch box with stir-fried rice. I shared with some other backpackers.

Soy sauce, black ground pepper, and honey glazed tomato! Great for my breakfast.

Rice and doenjang jjigae made with chopped squash, onion, potato, and the shrimp. All I can say is “very delicious!”

Steamed egg. My friends love this simple recipe!

Kimchi jjigae made with my homemade kimchi. There was no napa cabbage, so I used a regular cabbage. Before going to the island I picked up some groceries in a local market which was a wonderful decision I made because it was way too expensive in the island. Besides, the vegetables sold in the island were not fresh.

With homemade kimchi, I made kimchi stew, kimchi stir-fried rice, and kimchi sujebi! lol  When I made kimchi sujebi, I invited some local people. They loved it. I forgot to take some dried anchovies for the stock but it still turned out good.



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