Photos from Honduras

By Maangchi

My 2 week trip to Honduras was very fun, exciting, and relaxing. I stayed mostly in the island of Roatan which is off the coast to the north, in the Caribbean. It’s known for its diving, but even if you don’t like diving there are a lot of things to see.

There are also a surprising amount of different cultures there. Some people are descendants of pirates, British colonists, or the Spanish. Others are descendants of African slaves. A lot of people speak English, which makes communicating easy, and the mix of people is really interesting. This was my first trip to the Caribbean, and I think I’d like to explore more of it.

With a cute dolphin. I wanted to lift him but he’s actually too heavy for me. : )

oohyacha! jump jump! : )

The water was warm around the sunset time. Perfect for swimming!

“I caught this!”

Nothing else but sky, clounds, and the sea!

This house is built over the sea on the beach.

I wanted to show this to my friend named Rudy. If he buys this restaurant, he wouldn’t need to change the name of the restaurant. : )

Hummingbird in a restaurant where I had lunch

When the mom flew away, I took a photo of these tiny baby eggs! I hope they come out healthy baby hummingbirds soon!

beautiful sunsets!

I took a bus from La Ceiba to San Pedro Sula. Every single passenger has to have their photo taken by him at the entrance of the bus. Why? why? : ) After he took my photo, I said, “It’s my turn! I will take your photo now. ” He was happy to have this photo taken together.
The inspector gave each passenger this beverage and cookies right after taking their photo. Cute cookies!

Salva Vida (“Lifesaver”) beer, yes! you saved my life every night. A bottle of cold beer after swimming in the sunset was my everyday excitement to finish each day. Happy hour price was $2.00 per bottle. Irresistible price! : )

This huge red flower is everywhere on the island. Hummingbirds love red flowers, so no wonder there were so many hummingbirds.
These flowers are close up in the photo, but the actual size is like earring size. These 2 flowers remind me of cool earrings.

Coconut seller. He looks very focused!

I visited an iguana farm. Hundreds of iguanas were crawling everywhere.

My taxi driver posed with an iguana for me. I asked him to pick one for the photo. He was trying to pick one and I said, “Grande! Grande!” haha, he chose this big guy.

I visited their local museum and found this familiar fish which is my favorite! I never knew the English name of the fish was “permit”. The Korean name is byeongeo:병어.  Fresh byeongeo can be eaten raw with the dipping sauce doenjangbangah that I posted very recently. You could steam, fry, or cook this fish with seasonings and radish. I will post the recipe video someday.

He lent me this fish for a few seconds to take this photo. The villagers had their fishing contest. At about 6:00 pm, I was waiting for the fishing boats to see their fish.

I asked, “What’s going on with these fish? Who ate the part of these fish?” Someone said, “We used it as bait to catch bigger fish”

Barracuda! The fish has sharp teeth. It is known that some barracuda are poisonous and some barracuda are not poisonous. How to know which one is poisonous?  Put a piece of the fish on the sand and if ants approach it and eat it, that means it’s not poisonous and you can eat it. If no ants approach it, it’s poisonous. Funny explanation. It sounds like ants are smarter than humans? No way! Humans are using ants to test for poisonous fish, which means humans are smarter than ants. Haha, of course!

This man is the grand prize winner! This fish is called wahoo. Wow wohoo! : )

“Heya, this seat is more comfortable than any other seat. I can breathe fresh air, watch other people, cars, and the Asian lady in the taxi”

Very open-minded girl that I met at a park in La Ceiba. At least she held my hand without crying. Let’s go, Rhino!

“Mommy! Dad is there!”

People including me are waiting for the ferry Galaxy Wave that travels between the island of Roatan and the city of La Ceiba on mainland Honduras

On the boat, I met this lady Sabrina. She has a small store in Roatan and she was going Christmas shopping in La Ceiba. We chatted until we arrive in La Ceiba. Her first daughter is studying at a university in mainland Honduras. I asked if her daughter has a boyfriend. She said, “no, boyfriend, she has to study and I want her to get a good professional job, so that she could be independent.” What a wise mom she is! : )

This boy will be a successful businessman someday. He let all the passengers on the bus try his cookies as a sample.

I spent all afternoon one day in this shopping mall in San Pedro Sula.



Market in San Pedro Sula.

With an underwear seller in the market.

This underwear got my interest. It seems to cover stomach bulge. My confession, yes, I bought this. Later I tried it on and found out it is so thick that it made my belly bigger. : )

Met them in the market. They look like siblings.

This is very interesting underwear. It has small pockets with zippers. It will be a perfect to hide money. : ) No, I didn’t buy it.

Pollo (chicken) advertisements on the truck.

At the entrance of a store. No food, no weapon. right?

He slices plantain so fast!  Human plantain slicer! : )

The day before leaving Honduras, I took this in a taxi on the way to my hotel. leftover money. I became a generous tipper to  use it up.
Just 1 day before coming home I eventually had a chance to wear this plastic raincoat that I brought. I bought it when I did trekking in Costa Rica in February, 2010. I didn’t throw it away, just in case. I was very happy to use this cheap raincoat. Did I throw it away? no no, I dried it up and brought it home for another future use. : )



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