Making kimchi before leaving for Mexico!

By Maangchi

Hi everybody! Oh yeah! I’m going to Mexico tomorrow for 2 weeks!

Since I traveled to Mexico in 2011, I’ve been missing the country a lot! I love the people, their culture, street food, taco, tamales, atole, … and their beautiful beaches. I will rush to my favorite taco place when I arrive in Mexico City. I’ll be ready to eat as many tacos I can, then I’ll visit my favorite bakery. I’m going to go to some of my favourite places – museums, markets, and beaches – along with some new places. I’m so excited about this trip that it’s not easy to control my excitement right now. My heart is beating! yay! : )

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Since that trip, some of you may have noticed Mexican bowls and plates appearing in my videos – I’ll bring more stuff this time, too.

In preparation for my trip last night, I made kimchi and put it in this onggi. I’ll keep this fresh kimchi in the fridge, and by the time I come home, it should be a it’s peak of fermentation and taste. When I leave Mexico I’ll again be excited, this time to be reunited with my delicious kimchi!



Want to make kimchi? Here’s a recipe for full cabbage leaf style and here’s a recipe for easy kimchi.

I’m going to bring my laptop and stay connected, so I’ll be on my website every day, but I might be a little slow to respond. I don’t want to stick to the computer all the time, I want to see, feel, and eat as much as I can, and meet as many people as possible. If you’re one of my regular readers, please assist anyone who posts a question to my website. I’d really appreciate it.

Take care and see you soon!



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