My iPad app for making kimchi

By Maangchi

Hello everybody,

I made a kimchi iPad app, it’s been on sale since May 11. I want to thank the people who bought it already! It was very difficult for me to be quiet and hold this exciting news for 6 days. I wanted to see how many people could find my iPad app just like when I posted my first video recipe on YouTube, and no one knew about that, either. Ooh whoo! Exciting!

If you have an iPad, check it out.

kimchi iPad app

It’s a complete standalone recipe app for making mak kimchi. Ever since I first made my cookbooks and my DVDs, I realized that what I really wanted to offer was a combination of both – a book with a DVD – written recipes with video.

Now that the iPad has been invented, my dream can come true!

You can take the iPad to the grocery store and find the ingredients that you need by comparing the photos in the app. You can read the recipe in the app step by step, whenever you need it. This is my popular and delicious kimchi recipe that so many people complimented.

Best of all you can bring the iPad into the kitchen and watch the video while you make kimchi! I never saw any iPad app that had all these things for cooking: photo, video, and writing all-in-one.

You don’t need 3g to use the app, it’s made to work offline so you’ll always have it available to use.

The app is really squeezed so it won’t take a lot of room on your iPad.

As far as I know, no one is making recipe apps like this, it’s my invention. I tried very hard to make it useful for people who want to learn how to make kimchi, and I put a lot of thought into how it should work. All the information should be easy to find and access.

If this app goes well, I will make more. Already it seems to be getting more and more popular.

Give me good wish please!



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