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Maangchi’s meetup in California, Sep.21 2010

By Maangchi

On Sep.21 at 6:30 pm, we met as planned at a Korean restaurant in Buena Park, California. The restaurant gave us a private room so that we could talk and eat, which was great.  I appreciate everybody’s effort to join us, including those who couldn’t make it at the last minute.

Here is the video and some photos that we took. One of my long time readers and movie director Paul Whang volunteered to film. Thank you, Paul!

Tammy and Paul (cameraman) “… ahhaha!! ” They met for the first time! : )

On my left, the lady with long hair is Erin and her 2 children: Ryan (standing right next to his mom) and Lisa (with headband).

Erin says: “I love all your recipes… You are encouraging me to cook. My 2 children both like to help me cook and clean dishes (I am training them early)!”
On my right, Janine and her children Caleb and Lauren (I put my hand on her head)

“Let’s taste baekseju (백세주)! I hope I can live long life 100 years just like the name of this liquor.”

12 year old lady Taylor gave me this letter and I’d like to share this with all of you. She came with her aunt Mindy Kim. Thank you, Taylor! You love dried anchovy side dish? (myeolchi bokkeum: 멸치볶음).  No wonder you look tall for 12 years old. You ate lots of calcium from the dried anchovies! Calcium helps grow our bones. : ) Why am I short? heh, maybe I didn’t eat much myeolchi bokkeum when I was young?
The little girl Lauren told me, “Thank you for your all delicious recipes, Ms. Maangchi!” I still remember her cute and clear voice “Ms. Maangchi”!

“Don’t forget about me. I’m 5 months old! I came here to see Ms. Maangchi! My favorite Korean food is miyeokguk!”

Corey says, “heh, I took a day off to see you, Maangchi.”



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