Leaving for Honduras

By Maangchi

Hi everyone,

I’m ready to leave home soon! My heart is beating again from excitement! Travel!

Tomorrow I’m taking a trip to Honduras! Since I traveled to Guatemala and Costa Rica, I’ve been more interested in visiting Central America, places like Nicaragua, Belize, and Honduras. I’m going to start from Honduras and see how much I feel like moving around.

I’m not taking my computer. If I find an internet cafe, I’ll try to check my emails. So new recipes and posts might not be coming for a while. I’m going to relax as much as I can.

I had this kongnamulguk today for dinner and enjoyed it a lot! I told you I’m a huge fan of my own food! : )  When kongnamulguk (soybean sprout soup) meets rice and fermented sour kimchi, all I can say is: “Fantastic!” The broth made with large dried anchovies is always my favorite. I will look for a Central American version.

I’m also planning to show the locals some Korean food if I get a chance. I have some Korean spices in the corner of my backpack!

So I have a favour to ask you guys: please answer any questions asked by new readers. I’ve been impressed by your great cooking skills, presentation, and knowledge of food. I’d really appreciate it if you helped the new cooks, and I’m sure they would too. I rely on you guys!

Wherever I go, you guys are following me: I think about you all the time. I’ll take some photos wherever I go and update you later. I already appreciate your help.

It’s kind of funny that my last recipe was ox bone soup, which is what Korean housewives make for their families before going away for a long time.

Be good and enjoy the seolleongtang! I’ll be back soon!



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