Letter from C

By Maangchi

I’m posting this email that I received today after confirming she is ok about it.
Her email made me happy all this afternoon because I see her beautiful mind over her Korean husband.

Hi Maangchi!

I hope you get my message. I live in the States, and have been looking at your cooking videos…. they are awesome! I have a Korean husband and we have been married for 5 years now. I feel sooo bad because I can not cook Korean food and I really want this for him as he comes home from work after a long day, I want him to be SOO happy… I try so hard for him… but I’m terrible! A while back… I’ve bought every book out there to try and help me, but they are to complicated for me.

My husband is the most understandable man, and acts like he enjoys whatever I cook…

I started to search online for Korean cooking help. I found lots of cooks, but my husband kept saying its not that good. He wouldn’t let me put my time into following their method. He has been a sushi chef for over 15 years now and really works long hours, that is why I really want to have a nice home cook style Korean meal for him when he gets home.

THEN… I found you.
I was so thrilled because you showed so much detail and that is exactly what I needed! I see my husband cooking all the time at home so I know about ingredients and how to chop, even though I don’t do it… lol… So the computer is all I had. I’m so very happy that I found you… I just showed my husband last night your videos and he seems impressed and told me “I will take you to Korea Town next day off and buy you all the things you need to start your cooking”
I was soo excited! I can’t wait!! He asked me…. does she have “Got Kimchi” I said no, but I’ll ask her.

Also, that is so nice of you to place your recipes online! I can’t wait to get started and impress my husband with your wonderful meals as he walks through the door from work, AND HE WORKS A LOT!

Anyway, I’m ready to buy your book!
Thankyou very much for your time

Isn’t it a nice email? I will make her request, no, her husband’s request Got kimchi (mustard green kimchi) some day!



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