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Lucky 7 winners

By Maangchi

Hi everybody,

I was thrilled to read all of your comments in my Lucky 7 contest. Thank you very much for your nice messages, they made me smile and sometimes made me emotional. I really wasn’t expecting people to say such nice things about my site and recipes. Some people just said, “I’m in” which also made me laugh because that’s what I suggested for shy people in my video.

I’m happy to announce our 7 winners! They were randomly chosen from They are really lucky because they were chosen from almost 900 people!

Let’s congratulate these lucky 7 winners! I’m going to send my autographed cookbook3 to all of these winners today.

Don’t worry if you didn’t win. You can still read, download, or buy my third cookbook, however you want.

If you like my cookbook, I would appreciate it if you leave your review on Amazon !

Thanks again to everyone for your encouragement, support, and interest in my recipes. I was overwhelmed by the number of entries and positive comments on my website. You guys are great!



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