Maangchi’s Korea visit

By Maangchi

Hello, all my blog readers,

This is a quick note for you. I’m visiting Korea tomorrow!
I haven’t been to Korea for almost 8 years!

I’m sure my country has changed a lot. (Even though I am a Canadian citizen, I always think Korea is my country.)

My new cooking videos will be updated by my friend. I won’t tell you what they will be because I would like to surprise you! : )

So, I may not be able to respond your questions or comments while I’m in Korea.
Don’t think I ignore you even if you did not get fast answer from me.
I will try to access to internet in Korea though.

I will bring back some Korean ingredients such as dried anchovies, hot pepper flakes, Miyuk sea plant, Kim (for gimbap), and dried mountain vegetables… and also some nice looking wooden dishes or plates etc…

Take care yourself,




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