Mr. Clyde

By Maangchi

Mr. Clyde is a cooking guru that I met through YouTube. He is living in Jacksonville Florida. We have never met each other but I think he’s one of my good friends! Who says internet friends are not genuine friends!

Whenever Mr. Clyde posts his video, he emails me. I always give him 5 stars! Whatever he shows us, I judge his video as 5 stars. When I give him 5 stars, I am very careful not to make a mistake by clicking 4 or 3 stars. : )

He can make delicious kimchi, jjajangmyun (blackbean noodles), barley rice.
He says he eats his own homemade kimchi and barley rice on a regular basis.

Now he made Jjamppong !(짬뽕:Mixed-up noodles, meat, seafood, and vegetables soup).
Check this out. It looks more delicious than mine! When I watch his video, I feel like smelling all aroma from the dish. Ahhh, mouthwatering at late night!



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