My Korean home cooking cookbook

By Maangchi

My cookbook is for sale on Createspace and very soon it will be for sale on too (March 12 – it’s on Amazon here). It’s recipes and pictures from my first 18 YouTube cooking videos. Here’s the full list of what’s inside.

Since I started posting my recipes on YouTube and my blog, I have received so many feedbacks and questions every day. I answer their email and questions at least a few hours right after coming back from my work. I am very surprised at how passionately they want to learn Korean dishes. Their passion inspires me and the more time goes by the more time I spend on my blog. I started this as a hobby, but it keeps getting bigger and bigger. It is so much fun for me.

Some people have suggested making DVD and a cook book so that they could give this to their friends and relatives including themselves as a gift. They also said that they want to see cooking process through their big TV monitor to follow my direction more clearly. I thought it was a very good idea and eventually I made it! I’m sure this book with my DVD would make a good present for somebody who’s interested in making Korean food.

If you want, you can download the pdf of this book and even make your own. : )

Here’s what it looks like:



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