New Korean cooking forum!

By Maangchi

Hi everyone! I made a new discussion forum for my website here:

When I first started making Korean cooking videos on YouTube, I was really interested in helping people learn how to cook Korean food. But YouTube comments are so short, so I made a blog to keep in contact with viewers. Then I added sections to the blog to help people even more, by taking pictures of ingredients and kitchenware. All the time I’m answering emails and comments to encourage people who want to learn about cooking Korean food.

But sometimes I’m so busy, or sometimes someone asks me a question about buying ingredients in their home country, and I don’t know much about that. Recently someone asked a question on my blog, and another blog reader answered them, but the first commenter was anonymous and there was no way to contact them with the answer.

Sometimes I’m emailed the same questions by different people.

So I decided to make this forum so you readers and viewers can talk to each other and maybe you can help each other and make some new friends. This is a place where you can discuss whatever you want between each other. Sometimes I will join you, too. I love interacting with readers but it will be more useful if you post your questions here instead of emailing them to me, so that everyone can read and help. Anyone who knows the answer, please feel free to answer.

I hope you like it! Have fun!



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