People in Mexico

By Maangchi

Let me introduce you to some interesting people that I met and saw in Mexico. Whoever I met in Mexico, they gave me a great smile and were very friendly. During my travels there I never had a single unpleasant experience or met any rude people.

When talking about interesting people I met, I have to start with Leslie Téllez, the Mexican-American food blogger. I had met her in NY last year with my other friends when I invited the judges from my Korean food photo contest to my house for a Korean food party. Each judge brought 1 friend, and Leslie was one of the friends.

She gave us a Mexican food tour! It was really fun. Thanks to her, I learned a lot about Mexican food, fruits, and culture. Later, after we separated, I visited the delicious taco place she took us to, and bought some fruits, cheese, and sausage in the markets she recommended. I was lucky to have such a reliable friend in Mexico. I’m going to write another blog post about Mexican food later, you’ll hear all about it.

Leslie and I met on Feb. 2, which was the Mexican holiday of La Candelaria. A friendly passer-by lent us her baby Jesus doll even though we didn’t even ask for it.

“Oh, my baby Jesus looks comfortable”

“Welcome to Mexico!”

Does he remind you of someone familiar? : )

“10 peso for this!”

“How about my blue mask? I can beat your white rimmed sunglasses!” Tortilla maker in Mexico city.

A big smile causes him to close his eyes! : ) Mariachi band on a boat in Xochimilco.

Ooh, the man with charisma!

Thick and low voice from deep chest, “Besame mucho~”

“Show me your respect by paying 10 peso to listen to me grinding this organ!” : )

“Where shall I put my precious baby Jesus? Yes, it deserves to be on the top of my body”

Don’t miss taking a look at the cute little girl on the right. Cute!!

The comfortable and quick subway.

Demonstration in Mexico city.

“One, two, three, one, two, three!” They are practicing aerobics. The lady with the red jacket is their teacher. What an unusual looking aerobics instructor she is!

I saw this scene from the bus when it stopped for a few seconds. I took this photo through the bus window. They are kissing, rubbing, and squeezing each other. : )

“Did you miss me?”
“Yes, a lot!” : )

The lady in the white gown is offering checkups. “Check up! check up!”

“I have salt and pepper hair, but I’m still good at shining shoes! Please call me shoe-shine boy!”

That means Villa is popular? They like Villa?

These scooters looked very interesting!

Pulque bar

Charcoal BBQ in an Oaxacan market.

“Don’t forget to pay me for these vegetables.”

“Nice meeting you again!”
When did I meet her? Just 10 minutes before, in the market.

Mommy mommy, please let me sleep!

“Oh, how much did you pay for the garlic?”
“20 peso”
“Wha? you were ripped off!”


Fishing boat in Puerto Escondido.



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