Reinier’s Korean cooking

By Maangchi

If you have looked closely the food photos on my website, you may already familiar with the name Reinier.

Reinier lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He’s been very busy cooking Korean food these days and sending me the photos. He introduced himself on my website, “hi,… i was recently interested in Korean cuisine when we ‘accidentally’ got into an Korean restuarant…. So i am now learning more about preparing it myself and i love it!  …  Cooking is a skill you can enjoy and benefit all your life!!”

He seems to like to share his food with his friends, just like me. He had a small party last weekend and showed off his Korean cooking skill to his friends.

He made these dishes for a dinner party with his friends.

  1. Soegogi Gui with the sauce
  2. Deukbokki
  3. Soodubu jiggae
  4. Bucujeon (with flakes): he added some hot pepper flakes to the batter for buchujeon
  5. Sigeumchi namul
Reinier says, “…Everything was really good! Especially the Deukbokki was really good and with a shiny sauce. I used pepper paste and flakes. But… the Soodubu Jiggae is better on it’s own without other dishes, the taste of this was really pushed to the background by the other dishes. I hope you can make a nice blog about this…”








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