Blog nominated in Saveur’s 1st Annual Food Blog Awards

By Maangchi

Saveur's blog awardsRecently I was nominated by Saveur Magazine as one of the Best Food Blogs in the “Most Innovative Video” category. As a Korean food blogger, I’m very honored and  happy to be included to the one of the six contestants! ooh whoo! Korean food is known around the world!

Ever since I was nominated I’ve received many emails of congratulations and encouragement, also a lot of people seem to have discovered my blog through the contest, so I’m grateful for that.  Eventually I just registered on Saveur website today!
Whom did I vote for? shh! I voted for myself! As long as they put me in the list of contestants, I like to be the winner! : )

I checked out the contest – one thing that bothers me is that  it looks like only Americans and Canadians can vote. You can see a map of my site visitors at the bottom of the Korean food fans page, my site has always been an international one.
So, don’t waste of your time to vote for me if you are living in other than North America (USA, Canada). But the website is great to check if you are interested in Food!

It says, “Vote between March 1st and April 2nd. Winners will be announced on April 5th”

You always say to me before trying out my recipes like this: “Maangchi, wish me good luck with my dakgangjeong making!” Now my turn! “Wish me good luck, baybees!” : )



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