My short trip to Toronto

By Maangchi

I visited Toronto for a short trip last week. It was so great to be in my hometown again! I call it my hometown, even though I was born in Korea. It was such a warm feeling to walk the streets again.  My memories kept me toasty.

Here are some photos that I took.

My favorite brunch restaurant in Cabbagetown, Toronto. They have 3 Gs!: Good price, good service, and generous.  : )

Betty, who has been working at the restaurant since 1999, welcomed me back! She asked, “when are you going to move back to Toronto?”

A simple and “nothing special” breakfast called a “big breakfast” on the menu. It costs under $7 and includes a glass of orange juice and a coffee that is always being refilled by Betty.

On a Cabbagetown streetcorner near Johnny G, there is a Korean owned flower shop. I used to buy flowers here. They gave me a good price whenever I bought something.

I went to Dutch Mill Country Market in Hamilton Ontario with my friend. They sell beautiful Christmas decorations and some antique stuff.

Dutch Mill Country Market

My lunch at the Dutch Mill Country Market

With my friend!

I made matang (candied sweet potato) for my friend’s family where I stayed. She loved to learn how to make the coating syrup.

My favorite Canadian Chocolate Laura Secord!

Yorkville area in Toronto. The yellow building is Sassafraz restaurant. During the annual Toronto film festival, many celebrities visit the restaurant.

I ran into him on the street. He used to work as a concierge at my apartment. He took off his hat to pose for me!



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