Update: Jia xin still loves her mom’s jjajangmyeon!

By Maangchi

Do you  remember Jia Xin? Her mom Jenny says,

“Jia xin just turn 4 this 3th of jan 2010. Already Nursery 2 class. Btw, let me introduce another fan of jjajangmyun…. Taa… raaa.. he s my son, Jia xin’s brother, 2 years old.His name is Xiang bin. Well,i can say both of my kids are fans of korean food! See, the way Jia xin eat!”

Jia xin! You still love jjajangmyun! You’re a serious eater!

Nice to meet you Xiang bin! I know what you ate just now! : )

I’m surprised to see how fast Jia Xin grew up! I love you all!



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