The Korean government’s YouTube video recipe contest

By Maangchi

Hi everyone,

I wanted to tell you about a new contest put on by the Korean Presidential Council for Nation Branding and YouTube. The purpose of the contest is to promote Korean food around the world through video recipes on YouTube.

You can find the details here, but basically you need to make a video of your Korean recipe, upload it to YouTube and submit it to them as them as well. The deadline is March 31st.

Here’s a video introduction to the contest:

So many readers sent me great photos of Korean food, and even some great video responses. I met a lot of passionate cooks at my meetups. I know you are smart and dedicated cooks, and a lot of you can cook Korean food very well. So I really encourage you to make a video and enter this contest, and show everyone what delicious food you can make. I’m not going to enter the contest this time.

Hurry up and please let me know if you enter the contest. I will do my best to promote your videos!

Good luck!



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