June 20th 2009 NYC meetup

Hello everybody and New Yorkers!

Let’s do another meetup in New York City on Saturday, June 20th, around 11 or 12. This time will be a little different. Bring one Korean dish that you made. I’m going to bring some prizes for the most delicious dishes. I’m also going to bring rice, kimchi, and bulgogi so we’ll all have lunch altogether.

If you’re too busy to make something, you can bring some Coke or fruit. And also bring some funny stories to tell and questions about Korean cooking. You can meet some new friends who are just like you, whose hobby is Korean cooking. All you guys should be good friends.

I need to know how many people are coming, so please sign up through my forum. You can simply say “I’m in!”

I can see your email there, but no one else can. Then I can email you the details.

See you soon!



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