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Mariska Lindungan

Here is my interview with Mariska and the photos of her family and food that she made. As you read her introduction, you will say “she is amazing!” Yes, she is amazing!

Because of her health issues, Mariska, with a bachelor’s degree of political science, had to give up seeking her dream job working for an embassy or ASEAN. Instead, she is running a small business. She makes and sells her Indonesian food. She also loves Korean food and makes it for her family. Take a look at all these mouthwatering food photos that she made.

I’m sure she will be a successful businesswoman. Then she might think, ‘What was my dream? Working at embassy? No, no, thanks to my illness, I could become successful!’  Being successful means you do what you like. Mariska! Good luck, love you! I’m your fan!

What is your name and where do you live?
My name is Mariska Lindungan, I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and now i’m living in West Jakarta.

Me, my dad with Kowalski n Private

My family in Jurong Bird Park

japchae, “ah, I hope Mariska will give me some leftover of this!”

What do you do and how many family members do you have?
I just got my Bachelor of Political Science degree last year. I run a small culinary business at my home selling traditional Indonesian fried chicken made from my grandma’s special recipe.

Soon after my graduation ceremony I found out I have a giant cell tumor in my thigh bone, so I decided to forget about my dream to work at an embassy or ASEAN and I started my own business. My mom (51) is a tax consultant and also my cooking teacher. My Dad (58) is an electrical and mechanical consultant who loves any spicy food I make. My Big Bro (26) is now living happily in Melbourne, Australia and working there as IT Consultant. My Little Brother (20) is a college student who loves to bake and he is a pasta lover. His girlfriend also loves to cook, and the three of us always make a chaos in the kitchen. hahaha

jjingpang mandu (steamed pork buns)

How often do you cook Korean food following my recipes?
Once or twice a week, depending on my health. Sometimes the pain makes me lay in the bed for the entire day. T-T


bulgogi jeongol (bulgogi stew)
spicy stir-fried squid
sigeumchi namul (spinach side dish)

spicy rice cake (ddeokbokkie)

vegetable pancake

pan-fried tofu with seasoning sauce

soondubu jjigae (spicy soft tofu stew)

What are your favorite Korean dishes? Choose 3, please!
KIMCHI! i love kimchi very much and it really killed me when I found out I couldn’t eat any fermented food anymore. Second is hoddeok. Hoddeok is now the number one Korean snack that my family asks me to make for a midnight snack. hahaha. And another reason why, because hoddeok was my FIRST success in baking something. (I’m just not a baking type, really). Third, yangnyeom tongdak. Super delicious! hehe. I invited my friends over when I made yangnyeom tongdak and they said this dish is very delicious (I switched the chicken chunks to boneless breast chicken strips).
Hoddeok (sweet pancake with brown sugar syrup filling)

What’s your best Korean dish, the one that everybody compliments you on when you make it?
Yangnyeom tongdak and hoddeok. I get compliments everytime I cook kimchi jigae, but since i cannot eat meat or kimchi anymore, kimchi jjigae is now becoming something from memory.

yangnyeom tongdak (seasoned fried chicken)

pajeon (green onion pancake)

Thanks to you, I got reacquainted with my desire to cook which prevented me from falling into a deep sadness because of my GCT. You are my inspiration and love your recipes a lot!



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