Korean food fans

Michelle Kwon

Here is my mini interview with Michelle Kwon, and the photos of Korean dishes that she made

1. What is your name and where do you live?
My name is Michelle Kwon and I live in Southern California

2. What do you do and how many family members do you have ?
I am now a stay at home mom to a beautiful 18 month old.  There are 3 of us in our household.  My husband Don, myself and my daughter Ava.

3. How often do you cook Korean food following my recipes?
I’ve been making Korean food following your recipe almost every single day since finding your recipe.

4. What are your favorite Korean dishes?
This is really an impossible question to answer.  I found a new love for Korean food and I can not answer this.  I wish I could but I love everything.  Seriously, everything.  Right now, i’m anti any other food to eat but Korean.  Any other dish I’ve eaten since finding the website, I find to be unsatisfactory to my taste buds.  So, I love all foods Korean equally.

5. What’s your best Korean dish, the one that everybody compliments you on when you make it?
Right now, the kimchi bokum bap is the favorite from my husband.

kimchi bokkeumbap (kimchi stir-fried rice)

bean sprout side dish



jeonbokjuk (abalone porridge)

ddukguk (rice cake soup)

doenjangjjigae (bean paste vegetable tofu stew)

jangjorim (salty beef side dish)

non-spicy ddukbokkie

baechu kimchi (napa cabbage kimchi)

samgyeopsal gui (pork belly BBQ)

ssamjang (dipping sauce)

oisobagi (spicy stuffed cucumber kimchi)

soondubujjigae (soft tofu stew)

sigeumchi namul (spinach side dish)

ddukbokkie (spicy rice cake dish)

yukgaejang (spicy beef and vegetable soup)

hobakjeon (zucchini pancake)



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