Junbok 전복

Here’s frozen abalone, thawed out. You see a lot of grit here, so it needs to be scrubbed off with a bush. You can see this in my jeonbokjuk video.


Here’s the same abalone, scrubbed. See how clean it looks? Very fresh!


If your abalone is fresh, you probably don’t need to scrub it with a brush. Just use your hand to rinse it. You can even eat the intestines of fresh abalone! It’ll be delicious.

Recipes that use abalone (junbok):


Other delicious stuff on maangchi.com:

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  1. Jane
    Posted October 13th, 2009 at 12:04 am | # |

    there is an abalone farm north of Santa Cruz in Davenport, CA. phone (831) 457-2700.

    we can buy abalone @ the farmers market in Santa Cruz, $20 for 4 cleaned abalone steaks. They cd ship it frozen–call for details

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