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LA style cut beef short ribs

LA galbi LA 갈비

LA style cut beef short ribs are cut across the bone thinly, so each piece on the grill is a long, thin strip, with 3 bone sections in it. This is also known as a “flanken” cut. But flanken is usually a lot thicker than you want, about ½ inch. LA style should be 1/8 to ¼ inch thick. You can ask your butcher for this, or buy it at a Korean grocery store.

It’s used to make LA galbi-barbecued beef short ribs.

LA Galbi

Korean LA galbi

Recipes that use la style cut beef short ribs:


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    I just noticed that in your photo, the LA galbi was only $6.99/lb. Oh my god, this costs $9.99 at H-Mart in K-Town, NYC. The M2M grocery store in the East Village sells this for $8.99/lb. Where do you buy your LA galbi in NYC, Maangchi?

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