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A little bit of Inge and a little bit of me!

A little bit of Inge and a little bit of me!

Today I got a message from my cousin and Korean food fan Inge. The night before she had Chinese hotpot for dinner with friends. There were so many leftovers and she asked me if I could pick it up because she went out today.
There were slices of lamb, fish balls, meat balls, broccoli, bok choi, enoki, sugar snaps, dried tofu and much more! I didn’t wanted the fuss of preparing my food at the table so I checked your site to see what I could make. I remembered your recipe of Jjamppong. This was really perfect! I had the ingredients for making the stock myself and then added Inge’s leftovers and some noodles and shrimps which I always keep in the fridge. Of course I made the spice version! Erik and I love spicy!!

The recipe for Jjamppong is here!


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