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Dakgalbi (Spicy Grilled Chicken with Vegetables)


Maangchi, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I talk about my dakgalbi cravings to anyone who will listen. Nobody understands!! After living in Korea for over a year, dakgalbi became a weekly routine with friends. As you say, It’s such a great dish for gathering around a table in a relaxed setting surrounded by pure deliciousness. It’s huge, spicy, CHEAP, and extremely satisfying.

Until I came to your site, I was afraid I would never have dakgalbi again after leaving Korea a few years ago. Well, as you can see from the picture, it turned out exactly how it should have, and it was DELICIOUS!!!! I followed your recipe to the letter and from ten minutes in I knew from the smell coming from the pan that this was the flavor I had been missing for so long. There’s something very particular about the dakgalbi sauce that makes it so unique, and your recipe matches it. I’m also so glad I had a large pan with high walls to cook it in.

P.S. I’ve recently become a huge fan of yours after having cooked 4 or 5 of your recipes this past week (my Korean spouse is a huge fan now too!). This dakgalbi recipe really sealed the deal for me, prompting me to sign up just so I could post a picture. Expect more in the future!

Thanks again for everything that you do, and happy new year!

The recipe for Dakgalbi (Spicy chicken with vegetables) is here.

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