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  • Jenny's hoddeok with cheese filling

  • Jenny's hoddeok with sugar filling

  • Gyeran Jjim 계란찜
    photo by powerplantop

  • Reinier's radish kimchi

  • Michelle's chicken porridge (dakjuk)

  • muwoonamul
    photo by luaukins

  • Soybean Stew
    photo by laniekay1

  • Hope's kkaennip kimchi (perilla leaves kimchi)

  • Noradne's kimchi

  • Kim Chi Fried Rice
    photo by laniekay1

  • Hope's soy milk noodle soup (kongguksu)

  • Adam Vance' kimchi

  • jjajangbap
    photo by AliciaMarieLivs

  • Natalie Kim's spicy rice cake (ddukbokkie)

  • Amber Mariano's dakjuk (chicken porridge)

  • Jenny's tofu side dish

  • Natalie's bibimbap

  • kate's soondubujjigae

  • Michelle Kwon's egg side dish

  • Reinier's japchae

  • kate's kimchi

  • Natalie Kim's vegetable pancake

  • Clyde's kimchi

  • Kate Galligan's bibimbap

  • Sweet and crispy chicken (dakkangjung)
    photo by acid_tissue

  • Dakjuk
    photo by AliciaMarieLivs

  • Cabbage Kimchi
    photo by AliciaMarieLivs

  • Clyde's jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles)

  • Jenny's spicy chicken

  • Richard's bulgogi stew

  • Bibimbap with sauce
    photo by eldiem

  • All mixed up
    photo by eldiem

  • Jjamppong 짬뽕
    photo by powerplantop

  • Doenjang Jjigae 된장 찌개
    photo by powerplantop

  • Soondubu
    photo by Philososri

  • Michelle Kwon's kimchi sujebi

  • Diana's koreancooking

  • 수정과
    photo by jasmine's kitchen culture

  • 단팥죽
    photo by jasmine's kitchen culture

  • Squid (Ohjinguh) Bulgogi osam bulgogi
    photo by powerplantop

  • Michelle Kwon's non-spicy-soondubujjigae

  • Morgan Gill's bibimbap (mixed rice with vegetables, meat, and hot sauce)

  • Michelle's non-spicy sujebi

  • Michelle Kwon's kimchijjigae

  • Irene's stir-fried noodles with vegetables (japchae)

  • Brigitte Papadakis' cabbage and soybean paste soup (baechudoenjangguk)

  • Homemade kimchi
    photo by L.H. Tiffany Hsieh

  • Genie's kimchi sujebi (hand torn noodle soup with kimchi)

  • Jenny's bibimbap

  • Jenny's kimchi

  • Broccoli Pickles!
    photo by SpacieSiren

  • Alex Tam's soft tofu stew (soondubujjigae)

  • Kim L's non spicy kimchi

  • Tada! Baechu Kimchi
    photo by SpacieSiren

  • Daryl Morgan's Bibimbap

  • Frederik's cold cucumber soup side dish (oinaenguk)

  • Daryl Morgan's rice cake soup (ddukguk)

  • Daryl Morgan's soft tofu stew (soondubu-jjigae)

  • Reinier's easy kimchi

  • 만두국
    photo by jasmine's kitchen culture

  • 만두
    photo by jasmine's kitchen culture

  • Daryl Morgan's kimbap and Yubu chobap

  • flower's choco-ricecake

  • Sarah Cho's blackbean noodles (jjajangmyun)

  • Reinier's egg plant side dish (gajinamul)

  • Chop chae
    photo by Foof n Boof

  • Kimchi
    photo by isaac'licious

  • P1010004
    photo by laniekay1

  • oijangajji (Korean cucumber pickles)

  • Elliot Taesoon Kahng's gyeranjjim

  • Amber Mariano's kimchi

  • Reinier's kongnamulguk (soy bean sprout soup)

  • Elliot Taesoon Kahng's samgyeopsalgui

  • bibimbap
    photo by David Lebovitz

  • un-Parisian lunch
    photo by David Lebovitz

  • Daikon Kimchi/Kaktugi
    photo by David Lebovitz

  • a piece of fluffy rainbow rice cake made by flower

  • flower's rainbow ricecake

  • crispy Korean chicken wings
    photo by David Lebovitz

  • Naengmyeon
    photo by yashiyosh

  • Gamjachae Bokkeum
    photo by yashiyosh

  • Maekjagwa
    photo by yashiyosh

  • Michelle Kwon's spicy fish cake side dish

  • Korean Pork Bone Soup
    photo by jseto

  • Deborah's spicy sujebi

  • Michelle Kwon's gamjajorim

  • Deborah's non-spicy sujebi

  • Michelle Kwon's dakkangjung

  • Michelle Kwon's spicy rice cake (ddukbokkie)

  • Deborah's perilla leaf kimchi

  • Reinier's kimchi stew

  • Reinier's tofu with soysauce

  • chenjie66's rice cake soup

  • Tara Sturm's soondubujjigae

  • Jenny's spicy soft tofu stew (soondubu jjigae)

  • Natasha Febriana's spicy rice cake (ddukbokkie)

  • Andrew Fraser's ddukbokkie

  • Gyeran Jjim 계란찜
    photo by powerplantop

  • Natasha Febriana's kimbap

  • Douglas' hobakjeon (zucchini pancake)

  • Kimchi Stew
    photo by manray3

  • ddukbokki a la Maangchi!
    photo by ladiesdays

  • Reinier's vegetable pancake

  • Florence' ddukbokkie

  • Cynthia Nicolas' kimchi

  • Cynthia Nicolas' spicy rice cake (Ddukbokkie)

  • bokkeumbap

  • Maangchi's kimbap

  • seaplant soup (miyukguk)

  • Andrew Fraser's zucchini pancake (hobakjeon)

  • Florence' seaplant soup

  • Andrew Fraser's gyeongdan(rice cake balls)

  • Cynthia Nicolas' Bulgogi Jungol

  • Cynthia Nicolas' Dakkangjung

  • Jenny's kongnamulmuchim

  • Andrew Fraser's maejakgwa

  • IMG_5110
    photo by roraa

  • Cynthia Nicolas' GalbiJjim (beef short ribs)

  • Cynthia Nicolas GajiNamul

  • Korean sweet spicy chicken wings
    photo by eldiem

  • Paul Whang's dakkangjung

  • Cynthia Nicolas' Soondubu Jjigae

  • Reinier's spicy stir-fried fish cake side dish

  • Andrew Fraser's kimbap

  • 짬뽕
    photo by jasmine's kitchen culture

  • Andrew Fraser's vegetable pancake

  • Julie's jajangmyun

  • Maangchi strikes again!
    photo by micromeow

  • Julie's kimbap

  • Julie's deonjang jjigae

  • My Jja Jjang Myun
    photo by Jea Jea

  • Dduk Guk
    photo by Jea Jea

  • Michael Duais' bibimbap

  • Reinier's japchae

  • Jonathan's bibimbap

  • daring lunch!
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • Jenny's rice cake soup

  • Anna Chung's kimchi

  • Anna Chung's soy bean paste and tofu, vegetable stew

  • Reinier's spicy soft tofu stew

  • Anna Chung's oisobagi

  • Perilla leaf kimchi 깻잎김치
    photo by powerplantop

  • kerri's baechu-deonjangguk

  • Reinier's soybean side dish

  • Pan-fried tofu side dish mae by Conrado

  • Conrado Crespo's kimchi

  • Reinier's tofu side dish

  • Jill's bibimbap

  • spicy fermented radish - kaktugi
    photo by sierravalleygirl

  • Julie's kimchi!

  • Conrado Crespo's spinach side dish

  • Jonathan's hobakjeon

  • James Fajardo's vegetable pancake

  • bibimpap - Korean mixed rice
    photo by sierravalleygirl

  • Korean Dishes
    photo by sierravalleygirl

  • seasoned soy bean sprout & spinach side dish
    photo by sierravalleygirl

  • vegetarian japchea with hijiki and aburage
    photo by sierravalleygirl

  • James Fajardo's jjampong

  • Dana's jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles)

  • Michelle Kwon's doengjangjjigae

  • Reinier's Yukgaejang

  • James Fajardo's galbijjim

  • kerri's japchae.

  • Galbijjim
    photo by mlingner

  • ddukbokkie - hot & spicy rice cake soup
    photo by sierravalleygirl

  • James Fajardo's ddukbokkie (spicy rice cake)

  • kerri's broccoli pickles

  • Michelle Kwon's bibimbap

  • Korean Sweet Drink Sikhye
    photo by sierravalleygirl

  • Soondubu jjigae - soft tofu stew with seafood
    photo by sierravalleygirl

  • a Korean meal
    photo by sierravalleygirl

  • seafood porridge/congee/Jeonbok/kayu
    photo by sierravalleygirl

  • Irene's ddukbokkie (spicy rice cake)

  • Jonathan's maejakgwa (ginger cookies)

  • Michelle Kwon's ssamjang (dipping sauce)

  • Michelle Kwon's samgyeopsal gui (grilled pork belly)

  • 가지나물
    photo by jasmine's kitchen culture

  • 계란 말이
    photo by jasmine's kitchen culture

  • kimchi jjigae
    photo by eldiem

  • seafood porridge
    photo by eldiem

  • Oisobagi
    photo by eldiem

  • Amy's jobchae

  • YdoleM's soondubu jjigae

  • YdoleM's bibimbap

  • YdoleM's chapchae

  • Cynthia's dduk bok kie

  • YdoleM's gyeongdan rice cake

  • Cynthia's bibimbap

  • YdoleM's delicious kimchi!

  • YdoleM's jjajangmyeon

  • Mon and Janice made bibimbap

  • Michelle Kwon's jeonbokjuk

  • Michelle''s salty beef side dish (jangjorim)

  • Kelly Parker's kimchi jjigae (stew)

  • Michelle Kwon's beef short ribs (galbijjim)

  • Michelle Kwon's spinach side dish

  • Michelle Kwon's rice cake soup

  • Michelle Kwon's blackbean noodles (Jjajangmyun)

  • Kelly Parker's bibimbap

  • Reinier's kimchi soup and multi-grain rice

  • Michelle's zucchini pancakes with sauce

  • Michelle's yukgaejang

  • 100_4789
    photo by micromeow

  • 100_4804
    photo by micromeow

  • 100_4800
    photo by micromeow

  • Michelle Kwon's stuffed cucumber kimchi

  • Michelle Kwon's non-spicy ddukboki

  • Michelle Kwon''s kimchi

  • Michelle Kwon's kimchi bokumbap

  • Sabrina's tofu side dish

  • Gina's soondubujjiage

  • Reinier's dolsotbibimbap

  • Gina's jjajangmyeon

  • Gina's pan-fried tofu side dish

  • Alex' samgak kimbap

  • Gina's gamjajorim

  • Reinier's japchae

  • Stir-fried squid / 오징어 볶음 / Ohjinguh bokkeum
    photo by powerplantop

  • Kimchi
    photo by mlingner

  • Korean Pickle Oi jangajji
    photo by powerplantop

  • Reinier's soondubu jjigae

  • Yonghee's cabbage soup

  • Julie's rainbow rice cake

  • Michelle Kwon's gamjatang (pork bone soup)

  • Reinier's baechu doenjang guk (cabbage and soy bean paste soup)

  • Michelle Kwon's bulgogi jeongol(stew)

  • Reinier's Koreanmeal for 3 people!

  • Abigail Mosqueda's oisobagi

  • Abigail Mosqueda's bibimbap

  • Reinier's tofu dish

  • Reinier's baechu kimchi

  • Abigail Mosqueda's bulgogi

  • Karina's hobakjuk (butternut squash porridge)

  • photo by frank_breech

  • Abigail Mosqueda's sweet and crispy chicken dish (dakkangjung)

  • Reiner's zucchin and red pepper pancake

  • Mingie Hu's kimbap

  • kerri's samgak bap

  • Kerri's baechu doenjang guk

  • rainbow rice cake

  • Mingie Hu's ddukbokki

  • Amy King's bibimbap

  • Mingie Hu's japchae

  • Mingie Hu's bibimbap

  • Abigail Mosqueda's kimbap

  • Green Bean Kimchi
    photo by powerplantop

  • Mul Kimchi (Water Kimchi)
    photo by powerplantop

  • Oijangajji Muchim
    photo by powerplantop

  • Korean cucumber pickles
    photo by powerplantop

  • Korean cucumber pickles (oijangajji)
    photo by powerplantop

  • Korean cucumber pickles (oijangajji)
    photo by powerplantop

  • Reinier's kimchistew

  • Michael and Sujin made hobakjeon

  • Hana's-kimchi

  • Michael and Sujin's ddukbokki

  • Reinier's bulgogi jeongol

  • Max Rinzler's kimchi and cucumber jangajji

  • Michael and Sujin's japchae

  • Kkaktugi
    photo by eldiem

  • Kimchi
    photo by eldiem

  • Sample of pan fried Mandu Dumplings
    photo by cutejoos

  • Reinier's radish kimchi (kaktugi)

  • Michael and Sujin's kimchi bokkeumbap

  • Reinier's kongjorim (soybean side dish)

  • Reinier's buchujeon (chive pancake)

  • Hua 's gyeranjjim

  • soon dubu
    photo by lucky kt

  • two types of kimchi
    photo by lucky kt

  • Alex' butternut squash pancake

  • Deborah Kuo made samgyeopsal meal

  • Amber Willson made sujebi

  • Seaweed Soup
    photo by mlingner

  • Amber Willson's kimchi

  • Rice cake soup
    photo by JennyLeeAdrian

  • Kerri's butternut squash pancake

  • Renabette made kimbap

  • Elaine made her kimchi!

  • Grace' kimchi

  • korean breakfast
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • Joe and Tim's kimchi

  • Reinier's kimchi stew

  • Alex Lee made hobakjeon

  • Amber Mariano's japchae

  • kimchi factory
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • Nory's kimchi

  • Kate's bibimbap

  • Karina Fastovsky made vegetarian bibimbap

  • Karina Fastovsky's 2 korean side dishes

  • kerri made spicy stuffed cucumber kimchi (oisobagi)

  • Kerri's uhmook-bokkeum

  • Kerri made sujebi (hand-torn noodle soup)

  • Hua made pork bone soup(gamjatang)

  • Alex had samgyeopsal gui dinner!

  • kerri made kongjorim (soybean side dish)

  • Reinier's kimchi stew (kimchijjigae)

  • kerri's made oijangajji (cucumber pickle side dish)

  • Reinier's Korean meal table set

  • Jean's bibimbap

  • Reinier's kimchi

  • Reinier's perilla leaf kimchi (kkaennip kimchi)

  • Kurt's daegujeon (breaded cod filets)

  • Reinier's tofu side dish

  • kerri's sweet and crispy chicken (dakkangjung)

  • Alycia's kimbap

  • Soondubu jjigae (soft tofu stew)
    photo by mlingner

  • kerri's tofu side dish

  • Karina's tofu side dish

  • Alex' tofu side dish

  • Alex' avocado pancake

  • Jenny made tofu sidedishes

  • Reinier's jjajangmyeon

  • Reinier's bulgogi jungol (bulgogi stew)

  • Jjajjangmien
    photo by mlingner

  • Kerri's dried anchovy side dish

  • jjampong
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • Joyce made bibimbap for her family

  • Sandy's kimbap

  • Jenny made this "oisobagi" (cucumber kimchi)

  • Joyce made delicious cabbage kimchi!

  • Amber Mariano's Korean style grilled beef

  • Jenny made sweet redbean porridge (danpatjuk)

  • champong, mixed
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • Reinier's kongjorim

  • Kerry's salty beef side dish (jangjorim)

  • Jenny's spicy fishcake sidedish

  • Jenny's gajinamul (eggplant side dish)

  • Reinier's Korean style grilled beef

  • Jenny's oisobagi (spicy stuffed cucumber kimchi)

  • hwedupbap (raw fish with rice and vegetables)

  • Reinier's dolsotbibimbap

  • Karina's soybean sprout side dish

  • incomplete korean meal
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • miyuk guk (미역국)
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • Reinier's kimchi and kkaktugi

  • kongnamul guk (콩나물국)
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • stack of korean pancakes
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • kongjang (콩장)
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • korean flame
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • soymilk soup (콩국수)
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • soymilk soup (콩국수), close
    photo by atherosclerosis

  • Jenny's japchae

  • Pomme Pomme's samgak kimbap

  • Reinier's kkaktugi (깍두기: radish kimchi)

  • Dinner 6/26/09
    photo by mankycat_photos

  • Dinner 6/28/09
    photo by mankycat_photos

  • LeeAlex' tofu doenjang jjigae

  • Reinier's samgak kimbap (triangle kimbap)

  • Reinier's salmon kimbap

  • Amy Kim's yeolmu mulkimchi (young summer radish water kimchi)

  • Michelle Taber's kimchi stew

  • Hua her's soondubu jjigae (soft tofu stew)

  • Richard's kimchi

  • Michaël Dumais' kimchi stew

  • Michaël Dumais' kimchi pancake

  • Kerri's kimbap

  • Josh' Tangsuyuk (sweet and sour crispy beef)

  • Kerri's soybean sprout side dish

  • Benjamin's myulchibokkeum (dried-anchovy-side-dish)

  • Benjamin's gamjabokkeum (potato side dish)

  • Kerri's bibimbap

  • Kerri's spinach side dish

  • Benjamin Chang's gyeran malyee (egg side dish)

  • Reinier's kongnaumlguk (soybean sprout-soup)

  • Renier's meal

  • rolled omelette, gye ran mal yee

  • Shella's Korean dishes

  • Reinier's assorted kimbap

  • kerry's soybean sprout soup

  • Kerry's vegetable pancake

  • Ravenous Couple's japchae

  • Josh's bibimbap

  • Reinier's spicy fish cake side dish

  • Sooling's kimbap

  • Jenny's ddukbokki

  • Kerry's gamjajorim

  • Reinier's kimchi kimbap

  • Florence's japchae

  • Florence's myulch bokkeum (dried anchovy side dish)

  • oi naengguk

  • Reinier's most recent ddukbokki

  • Renier's soondubu jjigae

  • Reinier's mandu

  • Reinier's oisobagi (stuffed cucumber kimchi)

  • Aga Suka's manduguk(만두국)

  • Karina Fastovsky's japchae (stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables)

  • Karina Fastovsky's doenjangjjigae

  • meileng's jjajangmyun

  • Reinier's hobakjuk (호박죽)

  • Amy King's soybean sprou soup(kongnamulguk)

  • Reinier's jjajangmyun (자장면, 짜장면)

  • Reinier's kimch jjigae (김치찌개)

  • Sharie's Bibimbap

  • Risa's sweet and crispy chicken (dakgangjung)

  • Risa's cucumber kimchi(oisobagi)

  • Renier's bibimbap

  • Reinier's buchujeon (Asian chives pancake)

  • Chantal's bibimbap

  • Kyon's kimbap

  • Kyon's kimchi stew (김치 찌개)

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