Korean grocery shopping directory, United States

New Sagaya

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City Market on 13th Street
Midtown Market on Old Seward Hwy.
midtown market
3700 old seward hwy
anchorage, ak 99503
t. (907) 561-5173
f. (907) 561-2042
BIG STORE!!!!!!! Great seafood department with live oysters, clams, crab, fish… I can even find halibut primal in vats of ice. My first visit here — I walked out with about 500 pounds of rice.

city market
900 west 13th avenue
anchorage, alaska 99501
t: (907) 274-6173
f: (907) 274-2042
About half the size of the Old Seward Hwy.

Both have fabulous European bakeries connected with them.


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