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  1. Crispy and crunchy fried chicken~ Dakgangjeong~

    Crispy and crunchy fried chicken

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  3. dakgangjeong

    Korean fried chicken

  4. dakgangjeong (닭강정: Korean sweet crunchy chicken)

    Korean Fried Chicken

  5. dakgangjeong


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    Crispy fried chicken for potluck

  7. dakgangjeong (Korean fried chicken: 닭강정)

    My July 4th 2015 dakgangjeong!

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    First Maangchi Recipe!

  9. Koreean fried chicken

    Korean Fried Chicken

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    Crunchy chicken!!!

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    Korean crunchy chicken deliciousness!

  12. dakgangjeong (Korean sweet crunchy fried chicken: 닭강정)

    Special dakgangjeong!

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    Kiki’s roasted dakgangjeong!

  14. CYMERA_20150201_081703[1]

    sweet and crispy fried chicken

  15. Korean fried chicken (dakgangjeong: 닭강정)

    Tiffany made Korean fried chicken for 200 people!