Jenny pages

  1. dakgalbi (닭갈비)

    Spicy stir-fried chicken with vegetables

  2. IMG_6722

    Spicy beef and vegetable soup (yukgaejang)

  3. bibimbap


  4. eomukguk

    Udon with Maangchi’s eomukguk (fishcake soup) broth

  5. baesuk

    Steamed pear / 배숙 / Baesuk (or baesook)

  6. IMG_3944

    Braised saury / 꽁치조림 / Kkongchijorim

  7. IMG_3967

    Braised saury / 꽁치조림 / Kkongchijorim

  8. IMG_3345

    Panfried chicken breast salad with Maangchi’s dorajimuchim paste

  9. IMG_2358

    Spicy fish soup with mugwort: maeuntang

  10. IMG_2305

    Mugwort soup (ssukguk)

  11. IMG_2246

    Mung bean jelly (cheongpomuk muchim)

  12. IMG_1997

    Kimchi fried rice

  13. IMG_1956

    Gotgamssam (Walnuts wrapped in persimmon)

  14. IMG_1210


  15. IMG_1060

    Soybean sprout soup