Korean chicken pages

  1. Korean honey butter fried chicken

    Honey butter fried chicken

  2. yangnyeomtongdak (Korean fried chicken: 양념통닭)

    Yangnyeom-tongdak 양념통닭

  3. 20151219_201608

    The best thing I’ve ever eaten!

  4. IMG-20151004-WA0000

    yangnyeom tongdak

  5. 20140319_182758

    Dakjjim (Korean braised chicken with vegetables)

  6. Dakgalbi (닭갈비)

    Dakgalbi (Spicy grilled chicken and vegetables)

  7. Korean fried chicken

    Korean Fried Chicken

  8. dakgangjeong

    dakgangjeong (Sweet and crispy chicken)

  9. yangnyeomtongdak

    Yangnyeomtongdak (Korean seasoned fried chicken)

  10. dakjjim

    Dakjjim (Braised chicken with vegetables)

  11. yangnyeomtongdak

    Yangnyeomtongdak (Korean seasoned fried chicken)

  12. Dakbokkeumtang

    Dakbokkeumtang (Spicy braised chicken)

  13. P1000297

    Dak gang jeong .. heavenly chicken wings..so delicious!!

  14. yangyeom

    Yangyeomtongdak from our picnic

  15. dakgangjeong

    Delicious dakgangjung!