Korean kitchen pages

  1. IMG_2888 copy

    Spicy rice cake (Ddeokbokki: 떡볶이)

  2. IMG_2374 copy

    Korean Fried Chicken

  3. IMG_2565 copy

    Kimchi fried rice

  4. IMG_20160610_153225

    My Lunch Set

  5. mak-kimchi (easy kimchi: 막김치)

    Mak Kimchi (막김치)

  6. Gulbi-gui

    Grilled salted & dried yellow corvina (Gulbi-gui: 굴비구이)

  7. kimchi bokkeumbap (김치 볶음밥)

    Kimchi fried rice

  8. kimchi

    Whole cabbage kimchi

  9. 20160420_220724

    Japchae for my school’s cultural fair!

  10. IMG-20150401-00689

    Craving for Korean Noodles

  11. Korean acorn jelly (dotorimuk-muchim: 도토리묵 무침)

    I start a healthy diet with Korean acorn jelly!

  12. image

    Spicy braised tofu

  13. 12904031_10207604821171460_812426069_o


  14. 1st homemade Kimchi

    Korean food that I cooked at home

  15. Dak-kalguksu 닭칼국수

    Korean food that I cooked at home