Laifa pages

  1. kimchijjim

    Mouthwatering kimchijjim!

  2. IMG_1553

    Potluck Party Potatoes!

  3. ojingeo-bokkeum

    Spicy stir-fried squid

  4. chijeu-buldak

    Feeling hot hot hot!

  5. kimchi-sundubu-jjigae

    Comfort food to the Max!

  6. bokchoi

    Lovely green veggies!

  7. myeolchi-bokkeum2

    Little fried friends (Fried dried anchovies)

  8. Laifood

    Laifa’s business with her Korean cooking

  9. gimbap (kimbap: 감밥: seaweed rice rolls)

    Holy Gimbap!

  10. budae-jjigae

    Comfort food to the Max!

  11. bream

    Fried bream made by Laifa!

  12. dakgangjeongwk

    World Cup Soccer snack time!!

  13. gamja-salad stanryan

    These boys can cook!

  14. vegetables bibimbap


  15. gamja-salad

    Potato salad