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kimchi and makgoelli-appreciation??? count me in!!! i have over 15 years experience with makgoelli and many people say, I am an expert makgoelli-drinker plus nearly 30 years experience with kimchi-appreciation.

although personally, my moms kimchi is the best in the world and other ones don’t even come close <– which will say about every living korean I know…

they have kimchi masters? what do they do? train to make kimchi the whole day long? but they dont have too many experts? talk about those millions of ajjummas who perfected their kimchi-skills over 50 years and more… i dont think, there are as many taekwondo-masters who honed their skills for that long…

and what is with the obsession of exact measurements??? thats soooo german. korean cooking was always “put enough gochugaru in, so its hot and tastes good”