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More authentic broth for naengmyeon (cold noodle soup) is made with beef or chicken.

Boil beef brisket for a long time until the broth is very delicious and the beef gets tender.

Cool down the broth and add salt and vinegar and keep it in the fridge.

When the broth gets cool, prepare your noodles by following the direction in the recipe.

Remove solid fat floating on top of the broth before pouring it over your noodles in a bowl.

Slice the cooked beef thinly and place it on top along with boiled egg, chopped kimchi (if you want), cucumber strips..etc

oh, don’t forget to add ice cubes!

I will post this recipe someday in the future.

BTW, is that you in the photo? You look so cute! You remind me of one of my Korean friends! : )

Let me know how your naengmyeon turns out if you make it. You can take a photo of your naengmyeon and upload it here so that my other readers will see it together.