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I wholeheartedly second this request! I lived in Chuncheon, Gangwando province for a year and LOVED going to the restaurants that specialized in dak galbi. It was one of my most favorite dishes. Apparently the city of Chuncheon is famous for this! There are no Korean restaurants that serve it where I live now and I miss it terribly. I have tried to make it at home, but it didn’t come close to what I was served back in Chuncheon. I remember the dish was cooked right at our table, and we were always served cold radish soup on the side to put out the fire in our mouths. The best part was after the chicken was cooked and served up, the server would then take the leftovers in the pan (if I recall correctly) and add rice, sweet potato, cabbage, dried seaweed and other vegetables and make fried rice with it. It was SOOOO delicious and really fun to eat too! Some of my best memories of Korea are socializing with friends at the dak galbi restaurants. My mouth is watering even as I write this… If you could show us how to make it, I would be really grateful! By the way, I love your recipes and videos too :)