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Once my two Dolsots cooled down, and upon closer inspection, I noticed that EACH dolsot has a VERY thin crack running the entire length of it, from side to side through the bottom.

When filled with plain water, the dolsots would leak very very slowly. (When I heated them with water and salt they leaked rapidly).

Is this normal? Is this crack something I can manage with? After all, Bibimbap is a fairly dry food, not a soup… It’s not supposed to leak from the bottom of the Dolsot…

I purchased the dolsots here:

They say that “Minor “cracks” are only cosmetically damaged. The stone bowl itself is not defected”. Is that true? Or are my Dolsots defective?

I live outside the States. Dolsots are IMPOSSIBLE to get in my country. I went through great pains getting those pieces here.. I hope I can still use them for my Bibimbap…

What do you think?