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This is a very tricky question.

In short…… banchans(side dishes) are served closer or lower to room temp.

There are some exceptions(by item), but it’s usually served that way.

Hot meal(rice, soup) with cool side dishes …… usually make a good contrast.(I think…. he he…)


Example 1

There are foods that can be the centerpiece of the meal….. or the side dish.

Kimchi pancakes can be served main dish(Drink snack;; Anju)

and side dish (Mini kimchi pancakes for your lunchbox etc…).

If served main dish …it should always be hot and crispy right out of the griddle.

If served side dish…. it is ok to be served cold and soggy but if they serve it right out of the griddle?(well the’re wont be many) extra points for the diner.

Example 2

If you order a Godeungeo Baekban (Meaning “The Mackrel Meal”)

Though the pan fried or grilled mackrel is a banchan, it should be served hot and sizzling.

Example 3

Threre are food that should be served cold like Jokbal (Pig trotters) although it’s the centerpiece of the meal. If the diner is out of cold jokbal they might apologise for the inconvenience or ask if it’s ok to serve it warm.

Likewise, Naengmyun (cold buckwheat noodles) is meal that should be served cold.

So…in short……. it differs case by case.